Welcome to Dismaland

With the recent unveiling of a new "bemusement" park- a concept created by famous street artist, Banksy- fans everywhere are garnering excitement to see the works of art created by 50 artists from 17 countries. The exhibit not only parodies the main inspiration, Disneyland, but also serious issues such as the migrant crisis:

PA Photos

PA Photos

Britain's government: 

and quite possibly other subtle digs through everything that's going on throughout the park. 

It wouldn't be a project by Banksy if it wasn't done secretly. The most famous un-famous man was able to develop the entire park without drawing any attention by reserving the space for "filming" a movie titled, "Gray Fox". The park will be open for five weeks in Weston-Super-Mare in the UK. 

For those of us who won't be able to check out the pop-up dystopia, we've put together a gallery of our favorite artwork from the park!

For a closer look inside the theme park, check out this video from CNN and Channel 4 News.