There have been a lot of bizarre beauty trends going around (such as DIY braces), but one we would like to shine a spotlight on is 'dermaplaning' which is basically facial shaving... for women. A treatment that has been practically a secret in Hollywood, supposedly first done by Marilyn Monroe, it's supposed to leave an immediate glow and give the appearance of smoother skin. 


While there are no official "tools" for dermaplaning, many women have found the eyebrow razor to be quite useful in doing this at home. There are also some mini razors originally meant to shave off that light mustache that work great for dermaplaning. 



When you're as cautious of a person as I am, you're going to expect downsides to everything, and you're going to be right about 99% of the time. This is not that 1%. 

  • Dermaplaning is not recommended for those with acne, as it can lead to severe breakouts: can trigger over activity of the sebaceous glands. When someone has acne, they need their vellous hairs to expunge the oil that typically builds up under the skin. If the vellous hairs are removed because of the dermaplaning procedure, the individual may experience more breakouts and even more severe acne.
  • It's also not great for people with sensitive skin as this is a more aggressive exfoliating technique than the traditional masks and scrubs. 
  • Skin may peel after the procedure, meaning you need to take extra care of your skin for the next few weeks by using an emollient-rich moisturizer NIGHT and DAY. We recommend applying more moisturizer during the nighttime since your skin repairs itself the most as you sleep. 

And because of my extra-cautious disposition, I can't help but wonder if dermaplaning can affect your skin in the long run. What would people who do this treatment regularly look like in their 80s compared to those who haven't done them at all? Guess we'll have to wait and see.