Dangerous Trends You Need to Avoid

There are beauty trends these days that unfortunately have a lot to deal with physical aspects that can be difficult to change. Trends such as a sunkissed glow can be so frustrating for those who can't tan without getting a sunburn, and beauty standards such as big breasts with small waists can make women feel helpless. Regardless of what's "in" right now, listen to what your body is telling you and learn to appreciate it for what it is. 

Here's some shortcuts to the hottest trends that you must avoid.

Sunkissed Skin

Melanotan Injection

Tanning Pills

While the idea of popping pills that have a chemical in them that are naturally found in plants and animals may seem okay, don't touch it. 

...the amount used in these pills is way more than what’s added to food... prevalence of adverse side effects (like the deposition of crystals in eyes and the development of welts) has been causing companies to withdraw from FDA approval.
— Deven Hopp

It doesn't matter whether it worked out great for your friend or your favorite celebrity. Injecting your body with substances that aren't prescribed by your doctor will never be a good idea. 

Then bizarre things started to happen. My face became luminous and swollen. It had the strangest green tinge and became hypersensitive. It was itchy, painful and I couldn’t bear to touch it.
— Terri Sotherton

Read more about Sotherton's terrifying story here.

Tanning Beds

We've all seen it on TV at least once- that person who stays too long in the tanning bed and comes out looking like they rubbed their skin with leather. Unfortunately, some parts of TV are true, and this is one of them. 

Read about a woman's fatal story with tanning here.

Love your skin.

Check out the numerous blog posts and magazine articles out there that depict an author's story with how she came to love her natural, pale skin color (such as this one by Em, a blogger who went viral for her video on backlash on beauty, and Sylvia). 

Dentist-Approved Smile

We adore celebrities with pearly whites and perfectly aligned teeth. How far are you willing to go to get the same look?

Elastic Bands as Braces

There have been videos that have gone viral by vloggers letting everyone know how well DIY braces worked for them. However, there are reports that outnumber the amount of great reviews this trick has gotten. While braces can be costly, they are an investment guaranteed to give you what you're going for. On the other hand, the damage that elastic bands can cause cost much more to repair (Warning: Gruesome photos). 

D.I.Y. Braces

Much like tanning pills and melanotan injections, DIY braces are incredibly cheap and easy to get online. While these do look like the braces you get at the orthodontist, they will give you the exact opposite results. Read this article about a man who purchased these and how they completely uncovered a tooth.

Love Yourself.

Yes, there are many beauty "standards" and trends out there. But if you think about the most beautiful people and to the ones you idolize the most, their confidence is what makes them shine.