StyleMaker Series | Tish & Snooky!



What are your top 5 favorite Ricky's NYC products?

  1. Manic Panic® Semi-Permanent Hair Color (High Voltage® Classic & Amplified™)
  2.  Manic Panic® Dye Away™ Wipes (in-store)
  3. Manic Panic® Mixer/Pastel-izer™
  4. Manic Panic® Lethal™ Lipsticks
  5. Manic Panic® Glam Strips®

Why do you love each product?

1. Manic Panic®’s famous semi-permanent hair colors are completely PPD-free, ammonia-free, and peroxide-free! Our vegan colors come in two formulas: High Voltage® Classic and Amplifed™. Classic can last 4-5 weeks in the hair, while Amplified™, which contains more pigment, can last 6-7 weeks in the hair – all depending on maintenance. These Colors that Rock® are conditioner-based, and will leave your hair feeling shiny and smooth!     

2. Dye Away™ Wipes: these disposable wipes remove hair color from the face, neck, and hands! The wipes are vegan and paraben-free, just like our hair color, and are the perfect accessory for any frequent Dye Hard!

3. One of the products we are most excited about at the moment is our Manic Mixer/Pastel-izer™. Pastel hair is currently on-trend, and this product can be mixed with ANY of our colors to create a gorgeous lighter tint. We are particularly proud to say that the Pastel-izer has already won two official awards: it was named to the NYLON Magazine Beauty Hit List, and it was also voted as the Best Vegan Hair Product by Peta2!

4. Manic Panic’s Lethal™ Lipsticks come in 47 beautiful shades of the rainbow and are packaged in a glamorous diamond-etched case. We have four different formulas – Creamtones™, Ice Metals™, Peacock Shimmers™, and Kitten Colors™.  

5. Our Glam Strips® are the perfect choice for "Color Without Commitment®.” You can clip in wild colors whenever you crave color. We offer many of our best-selling hair colors in Glam Strip® form, so you’ll never have an excuse to go without Manic Panic®!

What makes a Stylemaker?

A Stylemaker is somebody who marches to the beat of his/her own drum and doesn't worry about what other people think.

How do you define your styles?

Our style can be considered colorful glam with a dash of punk. Manic Panic® started back in 1977. Because so many people coveted our look, that was completely unique at the time, we began selling the clothes right off our backs! As time went on, not only did we sell fashion and shoes out of our store on St. Marks Place, but we also sold the vibrant hair color and cosmetics that revolutionized the beauty industry.

What are your top 3 favorite shades/products from your own line?

Snooky: I love our Ultra™ Violet and Voodoo Blue™ in the High Voltage® Classic line. After going through chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer, I decided to color my hair with cool tones in order to cool down from all that heat– and these two are the perfect combination!

Tish: Siren’s Song™ High Voltage® Classic is the perfect pop of color against my Cotton Candy™ Pink hair