Nails with Pride

In celebration of gay marriage (finally) being declared constitutional, we've asked Manicure Du Jour to teach us how to get nails that will be perfect to wear this weekend

What You'll Need:


  1. Paint two coats of white nail polish on your nails and let dry completely.
  2. Remove the tops of all three colored polishes. We need to move fast!
  3. Take your first polish of choice and lightly paint a thin stroke on the top of the angled part of the sponge.
  4. Take your second color and lightly paint a thin stroke below your first one. It's alright if the colors bleed together. Repeat the same concept with the third color. (Steps 2-3 should be done rather quickly, or the sponge will absorb too much polish.)


  1. Dab the nail with the painted sponge about 5-6 times (or until you achieve your desired color)
  2. Repeat for all nails, reapplying the polish to the sponge after each nail.
  3. Finish by adding a clear coat of polish.

Got polish all over your fingers? Easy fix: grab some cotton swabs and dip them in nail polish remover to remove the excess polish. 

Now that you're done glamming up your nails, get ready to party hard this weekend with our Gay Pride Party Kit!