Ruby Rose has us going crazy

It seems like the world has been going crazy for the new character, Stella, in Orange is the New Black, even people who don't watch the show are becoming obsessed- and we're falling in love with her too. 

I mean... how can you not?!

Road trippin New Mexico Albuquerque to Santa Fe then home tomorrow to La!

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BTS regram @andalicious ... Just a cheeky Monday shoot.

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After seeing her, we're pulling our act together. Here are some products we'll definitely be using to get her look!

Eyebrows on Fleek

One thing that we love the most about Ruby is her eyebrows. They are always so well kept and shaped that they make us question what on earth we're doing wrong with ours. 

Need a complete revamp of your eyebrow care routine? Try the Japonesque Brow Kit for everything that you need to get your eyebrows on fleek. 

If you prefer something a little more compact, try the kit from our favorite Tweezer brand, Tweezerman. This small set is perfect for getting rid of any unwanted hair you might've missed when you went over your last eyebrow routine. 

If you don't want to mess with so many tools, try the NYX Eyebrow Marker and these Shaping Stencils for a quick and easy eyebrow shape up.

Just thinking.. Bout stuff.. Do you like stuff?

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That HAIR!

Although some of Ruby's hair-dos in the past haven't done her much justice, she's definitely rockin' her short cut now, and we think this is definitely a huge part of her appeal. If you're trying to nab this look, use a dab of Suavetica's pomade (made just for woman) to get that neat, slicked back look with a firm hold. 

Those EYES!

While we can't help you get green eyes that stare straight into your soul, we can help you emphasize those eyes to make them look more fierce. 

EyelinerIf you normally don't use eyeliner, then starting to may feel awkward and frustrating. Thankfully, NYX made a liquid eyeliner in a curved shape that fits nicely into your hand, so drawing on your eyeliner is easy as writing with a pencil. If you're someone who's more experienced with drawing on faces, we love using this liquid eyeliner from Styli-Style for its precision and pigmentation. For those with sensitive eyes, try this organic eyeliner from 100% Pure.

Eyeshadow. Ruby isn't someone who wears a bunch of crazy colors on her eyes- she may not even wear any at all on most days! But eyeshadow will definitely add a bit more definition your lids, making them seem more sharp. We love this palette from NYX with natural colors so that boldness won't look so artificial. If you're not one to fuss around with all those colors, try swiping this shadow stick across your lids for a quick and easy smokey look.

Mascara. Of course, to get fierce eyes- it's all in those sexy lashes. We love mascara made in Japan because they do an EXTREMELY well job of evenly covering the lashes to lengthen and hold a curl, without making a clumpy mess. Try this mascara from Heroine Make! For a more permanent lengthening, use this black eyeliner from GrandeLASH to not only draw a precise line, but also have your lashes naturally grow longer!

Although it seems we're a bit obsessed with her, we're glad this isn't a one-sided kind of thing. She's been spotted shopping from our stores! 

Ruby rose from orange is the new black shops at rickys

Posted by Thompson J. Morales on Wednesday, June 17, 2015