Inspired by... | Orange is the New Black

A new season of Orange is the New Black just released (early!) last night on Netflix, and we are HOOKED. Before you set up your next binge-watching session, check out our compilation of beauty products inspired by the hit series!



Hair Things

Manic Panic semi-permanent hair color
We love Galina's intense personality, and matching hair color and makeup at that! Luckily, Manic Panic's specialty is making vibrant colors that don't kill your strands.
We love 'Rock and Roll Red', and 'Electric Lava' for those who prefer brighter colors.
Want to rock red hair but only for a day (possibly a group binge-watch session!?)? MP got you covered with their wash out hair dyes.

Lip Things

NYX Lipsticks
Here we're loving two different shades. To match Galina's.. well, everything, we've picked out NYX's Lip Butter in Hot Tamale and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' Lip Tar in Radiate . Hydrating, yet the shade burns like fire!

Alex Vause is definitely one of our favorite characters on the show for her tough personality, yet we adore her gorgeous soft, pink lip color. We've picked out NYX's Matte Lipstick in Spirit for its subtle pink tones.

EOS Lip Balms
We just had to throw this one in the mix. 

Metallic Tattoos
As cliche as it is, we love Alex's arm tattoos- although not enough to permanently etch that onto ourselves, which is why these temporary metallic tattoos are perfect!

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil
We couldn't help but notice that Alex's eyebrows are on FLEEK (does prison have a salon?). Use NYX's Auto Eyebrow Pencil to shape up those brows.

Nail Things

Of course we'll have to showcase a few bright, orange nail polishes. It's the simplest way to show off your fandom! (Butter London's Silly Butter and Jaffa, and OPI's My Paprika's Hotter Than Yours)

What do you love most from the characters of this series? Let us know in the comments below!