We <3 Beach Bums

Summer is here, and although the weather here in NYC has been telling us otherwise, we're excited to share with you our favorite products that help us get ready for those perfect beach days and road trips with the perfect people.

Have fun, but don't burn in the sun!

You knew this was coming! Maybe you haven't felt it yet (we know we certainly haven't), but the heat is getting more intense as the days go by, and we have the need to tell you to protect that gorgeous skin of yours. Not only will it help prevent sunburns, but it'll also help you avoid all the nasty side effects that come with them (like peeling skin, blisters, swelling, and other images we're too nice to put into your head). 

IT'S A MYTH: You can't get tan while wearing sunscreen

Even if you want to tan, don't skip the sunscreen! Sunscreen protects you from the sun (duh). The UV rays from the sky are what actually gets you tan. While we will admit the tanning process will be slower because of the sunscreen, you'll still be able to get that gorgeous glow you're going for- just at a more gradual and healthy rate! 

Our absolute NECESSITY of the summer has to be the Sun Bum collection! From oils to lotions to after-sun products, we're obsessed with these products for protecting our skin while we're out having some fun in the sun!

Give off good vibes


We're longing for the weather to finally give in and make us feel like we're basking in the summer sun again. Until then, we're going to imagine ourselves sitting on the pale, soft sands of Waikiki, taking a good whiff of the salty waves while sipping on Mai Tais. Too specific? We apologize. The new Hawaii Collection by OPI has us transporting ourselves to paradise. 

Just a few of our favorites from this collection:








We love our Havaianas, but not everyone understands our appreciation for them! 

"Aren't they just like the $2 flip flops you can find anywhere else?" 

While we admit the price is a bit higher than your usual flip flops, we love these for their durability and comfort. These babies will get you through those music and food festivals, days by the boardwalk, or any of those days when you're on your feet all day long-- things we can't guarantee you for any of those other sandals! The best part is these will last you through countless summers, so you won't have to go out buying new ones every summer!


Change it up this summer by adding some color into your hair with Manic Panic. This brand is all natural, so your hair won't be fried after using it. 

One trend we're loving right now is the mermaid hair, and that's perfect because what better way to spend your time on the beach than by being a mermaid?

Check out our exclusive interview with Lucy from Manic Panic to get tips on using their products!

Now that you've gotten all our favorite essentials for the summer ahead of you, get out there: Go on a road trip, eat good food, pick up a sport- just make the most out of your summer!