Gatsby? What Gatsby?

We're talking about Gatsby Wax, of course!

The days of hard-to-the-touch, plastic feeling hair are over. Gatsby Wax, a Japanese brand, has been taking over North America for its ease of use and ability to keep hair soft yet stylish at the same time. There's a huge range of colors, each representing the style and type of hair it is best used for!


Here's one of our favorite videos that explain why we LOVE Gatsby!


PINK: Short & Spikey

Who love men who can rock pink! Made for short hair, use this product to spike up your hair!

PURPLE: Wild & Spikey

For those with hair just a tad longer, go purple to manage those long strands!

GREEN: Soft & Light

Add a bit of volume to your hair to achieve that light, air-y look with the Green Gatsby (You are welcome to read on for more terrible puns)!

ORANGE: Loose & Disheveled

Some days are meant to look prim and proper.. and some are not. The orange gatsby is perfect for those casual day-outs.

YELLOW: Natural 

"I woke up like this"


BLUE: "Wet" & Shiny (used in above video)

As seen in the video- you can go from party to business to partying again with this product! 

GRAY: Matte

For those who don't want to make it seem so obvious.


For those who like to touch up their hair throughout the day, Gatsby even makes adorable pocket-sized ones!