Exclusive Interview: Lucy from Manic Panic!


What makes Manic Panic different from the other brands?
Manic Panic is a vegan dye. It's very soft on anyone's hair so if you've been doing a lot of chemical treatments and you want to put it to rest yet you also want something fun to put in your hair, MP is the best company to get your hair color. It's almost like a conditioner with color! You can leave it on for 10 minutes to- I know people who sleep with it in their hair and wash it out the next morning.

What products would you recommend from MP for those who want to bleach at home?
MP has their own bleaching kit so I would recommend getting that. It comes with gloves, bleach, applicator, and your developer is in there as well. You're all set! You just have to make sure you use caution before you dye your hair.

What's your favorite product from MP?
All their hair colors.  They also have a lot of stuff that nobody really knows about. They sell clothes, makeup- eyelashes, lipstick, eyeshadows, and foundations which is all vegan too- and roses that are black with glitter. They have clip ins if you want to do temporary color!

What treatments would you usually do for clients who want to go blonde?
Definitely do the MP bleach kit, lift up their hair color to the appropriate color. It depends- a lot of us already have pre-colored hair, so it's hard to say how many times you could bleach them since you don't want to break their hair. Slow and steady wins the race. Virgin hair usually lifts very well.

What's the best way to maintain your color?
The best way to maintain your color is to make sure that you use a color saving shampoo and conditioner. Don't wash your hair too much since MP is a vegan color and it washes out- You're going to use your color very quickly so you could apply to the MP into a conditioner bottle and keep your color going on.


Are there any other products you would recommend?
Yeah! As far as treatments go, I do a lot for my clients since  everyone that comes in is usually not virgin and their hair has been over-processed. So I use Milbon treatments- they're from Japan. I don't even know what's in it- it's all in Japanese- but it's fabulous! The treatments make their hair feel amazing again. It's really, REALLY good stuff. Overall, a lot of other brands are great but I feel like they have a lot of chemicals.

How long have you been been a hairstylist for?
11 years. When I first came out of cosmetology school I worked on Melrose and I wanted to do just punk rock hair so it was just Manic Panic. Flash forward to now, I'm back to doing it again.

So you've always had your hair color?
I've had all the colors. I went natural for a little bit because everyone was like, "I really like your blue hair... BUT... I don't want it." So I was like, f*ck everyone from Beverly Hills. I was doing a lot of hair extensions at the time so I dyed it to a natural color. I had brown with blonde on it and everyone was like "ooh ombre" until the trend came back to where everyone had colored hair and i was like, "YES!! Put it back on me!" and I looked like the norm again. 

"Your hair still looks very healthy!" 

For the longest time- because I used to shave designs on my head- in order for it to grow back, I had my hair all natural and let it grow.  All the other hair stylists that iv'e ever worked with had 20+ years experience. I was always the baby so they better have done my hair right!

Q: What are your favorite type requests that you get from clients?
Pastels, rainbows, anything where I have the free right of making any color where it looks like a lava lamp did it- those are my favorite!

"Have you ever done the pixel trend?"

I almost did- by accident. I don't like the pixel trend- I think it's really ugly. 

Are there any trends you really like?
The mermaid trend- pretty much what I do all the time. 

Lucy can be booked for an appointment (walk-ins are welcome too!) at the Revolver Salon in the Times Square location of RICKY'S NYC

Address: 1412 Broadway, New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 768-1175
Hours: 9am-9pm