VERB Hair Products: Boyfriend tested, Girlfriend approved

One of our lovely guest bloggers, Diane Mary, decided to practically pick up the entire line of VERB products that she found at Ricky's and test it out on not only her's, but also her boyfriend's long, luscious locks!

So what do Diane and her boyfriend have to say about these products? You can read their full review here, or keep on reading for our TL;DR summary!

Hydrating Shampoo

Tommie admires the fact that this shampoo can cleanse his hair thoroughly without stripping it of natural oils, and protects his hair from the blow dryer.

The biggest surprise?

This shampoo is sulfate-free.

Hydrating Conditioner

Possibly the worst fear after conditioning ones' hair is having it look and feel oily. This conditioner avoids that mess by making strands healthy and soft, but not by weighing it down or having it "overly greasy".

Volume Spray

We love using products, and especially more so when you don't feel them. Without feeling sticky, this spray delivers a moderate amount of volume without making you feel like you went back to the 80s.


Forming Fiber

"A little goes a long way", Diane says. This product is a staple for those who like to keep their stray hairs in place. Diane especially loves using it for her misbehaving ends of her hair.

Finishing Polish

"I love [that] there is UV protection in here as well as hair reparative ingredients such as Argan Oil, Bamboo Extract, Green Tea and Abyssinian Oil".

While helping Diane's boyfriend with eliminating frizz and adding shine, this product did not make his hair feel greasy or weighed down.

While her boyfriend loves all the VERB products, he's most fond of the shampoo and conditioner combo. His favorite part about these products is that Argan Oil can be found in most of them.

For the full review, as well as pictures of Diane's boyfriend's hair, read on here!

Unfortunately, these wonderful products are exclusive only to our stores (for now!), so check in on your nearest location using our store locator!