Curls with a Flatiron

If you're anything like me, your room is absolutely CLUTTERED with things, things, and more THINGS. The last thing you want to do is fill it up even more with unecessary stuff, so dual functionality is your best friend! We love flatirons that practically made perfectly for any kind of style- such as this Sedu Revolution 1" Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron. While it my seem tricky, it's just a matter of knowing how. We'll show you how to get those perfect curls using a flatiron!

Step 1: Prepping

Make sure your hair is free of any tangles and unwanted knots so your flatiron won't get stuck in your hair! I personally love using the RickyCare NO-FRIZZ Styler Brush since the brush itself was made with olive oil, so it eliminates frizz which makes it easier for the flatiron to run through my hair, and adds a bit of natural shine and preps my hair for the blast of high heat that's about to come! 
Spray your hair with a heat protectant spray, such as the infamous CHI Iron Gaurd Thermal Protectant Spray. Make sure to thoroughly spray through the ends of your hair to avoid split ends!
Clip your hair into about 5 separate sections, or more if you have thicker hair. This will help avoid confusion later on.

Step 2: Turn Up the Heat!

There are several ways to curl your hair with a flatiron. We'll be showing you our favorite two simple yet effective methods.

Method 1: The Curling Barrel

Images by Penolopy Bulnick

Images by Penolopy Bulnick

This method is very similar to how you would use a curling iron. Grab a section of your hair with the flatiron where you want your curls to start. With your hair still in your iron, make a full 360 degree turn and start going down your hair, as shown above. Repeat with the rest of the sections.

Method 2: Unwind

Images by Penolopy Bulnick

Images by Penolopy Bulnick

Another one of our favorite easy methods, wrap a section around your flatiron and hold for about 15-20 seconds, depending on how hot your iron is (we wouldn't want you to burn your hair off!), then unwind. Run your fingers through the curls to loosen it up. 

Step 3: Selfie-Ready!

Finish off your new perfect curls with some hairspray, such as the Iced Coconut Cocktail Hairspray from Fudge Urban, some argan oil to repair and add shine, and lastly- a smile! :)


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