We Contour Even!


Add a little glow and attention to the best features of your face by highlighting, and carve out some dimension to your face by contouring and enhancing your natural shadows! Here are our favorite products to go from "blah" to "ooh la-la"!

Brush it Off!

Morphe Brushes
These babies are a RICKY'S NYC exclusive, and we're OBSESSED! Highly raved about by beauty gurus on Youtube for being reasonably priced dupes of other high quality brands, we love using these babies for a flawless, smooth finish!

Consealed with a Kiss

L.A. Girl Concealer 
With a shade for every skin tone (unless you're from Pandora), we love these brand new concealers to cover all those blemishes!

Good Vibrations

RickyCare Vibration Puff
Made to prevent any smudges or harsh lines, Renarda Joy, our Brand Ambassador, absolutely loves our product for flawless blending.

Glow, baby, glow!

RickyCare LumiLight Highlighting Powder
Show off your best features! Apply onto your forehead, inner cheeks, and chin to get that radiant glow!