Selfie Your Nails? Uh sure why not.

Have you guys heard that we have a new and super cool "nail tattot" machine at select Ricky's locations? (1412 Brodway @ 39th Street & 590 Broadway in Soho)

You have got to check this thing out. Basically, you can sit there and take a selfie, upload a photo from your phone or choose from over 3,000 pre-loaded images (I did this trippy checkerboard pattern on one nail and a ridiculous shot of myself on my other nail!)

Don't stress out of if it doesn't work out perfect on the first try, because an associate will help you get it perfect!

For $5 it's a perfect gag thing to do on your lunch break as you start walking around your office showing your selfie shot on your nail! ha! 

For you fashionista's out there, you can try taking a photo of your spring patterned dress and matching your nails perfectly to it! Just another idea, ya know.