Oh My God. Look at her bun.

It's no longer a secret how to get that perfect bun. Bun shapers, or "hair donuts" as they're more popularly known as can be found virtually everywhere these days- but how to actually use them can be the tricky part. We'll show you the simple steps it takes to shape your bun (heh) using our very own bun shaper from RickyCare!

Step 1

Tie your hair up into a ponytail. Make sure it's high or low enough to where you want your final bun to be. Then slip on the bun shaper.

Step 2

Apply a small amount of mousse (no more than the size of a golf ball) and run it through your ponytail to help keep structure in and frizz out. Take a comb and tease the base of your ponytail around the bun shaper to add volume!

Step 3

Wrap your hair around the bun shaper, making sure to tuck in the ends of your ponytail. 

Step 4

Evenly spread your hair around the bun shaper. Although it may not be a secret you're using one- you still want to conceal it!

Step 5

Keep that bun in place by securing it with our RickyCare Serrated U Pins. We highly recommending using these pins because they give more hold than your traditional bobby pin, especially for thick hair!

Step 6

Make sure there aren't any loose hairs sticking out, apply some hairspray, and viola! You've just got yourself the perfect bun!

We're so obsessed with helping you get that perfect bun so much that we've dedicated a whole section to our page for it! Find anything you're missing here!