Is Buzzfeed really right about American male beauty?

So, Buzzfeed just recently posted a video about "male beauty standards" aroud the world and I found it particularly interesting to see what the male American standard is. The worst part is that I'm in total agreement. That guy is hot! I mean, I wouldn't mind looking like him at all - just sayin'. 

Does the hair on your head and on your face make the man? Lots of things contribute to this and it's not just how you look. It's how you carry yourself, what you wear, your overall disposition, confidence and the energy that you resonate. Bring all those together and you have a pretty good sex-magnet formula, I think. 

So where do you start? You stand in front of your mirror every day and think, "What do I do?". 

Keep it simple, stupid (K.I.S.S.) and start from top to bottom. Start with your hair. Every man needs a spectaculour coiffure.  I personally really like this new line we started carrying called VERB, and they have this great Flexible Hold Sculpting Clay that works wonders! Unfortunately, we don't sell it online yet but get to your local Ricky's store and BUY IT - cuz it's totally awesome. 

Ricky's also carries a wide array of beard oils that seem to be all the rage with men these days. As Buzzfeed says, a beard is apparently a must in male beauty - but nobody wants an itchy beard. Enter Beard Oils. Ricky's got it. So get it.

Aiiight... checking out.

- Roger the Dodger.