Baby Hair Flair!

All the small details are becoming bigger news in the beauty world. A few months ago, we concentrated on getting those "on fleek" eyebrows. Now we're paying attention to styled baby/flyaway hairs. It was seen on runways during NYFW, and it's becoming more prominent in fashion shows all across the nation. From sleek artwork to tasteful flyaways, we'll share with you our favorite tools and products to bring this trend into your own home!


RickyCare | NO-FRIZZ Fine Tooth Rat Tail Comb
It'll be tricky to pick up all those little baby hairs, but we have the perfect tool to help you do it! Use the back of the comb to help you scour out and pick up fine hairs, and the top portion for actual styling!

Hold that hair down!


Suavecita Pomade
Based off of the Suavetico Original Pomade, the Suavetica Pomade was designed specifically made to cater to the needs of women. This is by far our favorite pomade to create texture, eliminate frizz and flyaways, and add that finishing touch to your curls and waves! Use this to hold down those out-of-control flyaways!


Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Sculpting Pomade
For those who prefer their flyaways to be away from their face, we love using this matte pomade to twist and sculpt those hairs for a natural, neat-messy style! Our favorite part- this product is packed with Vitamin E to repair dry strands and Soy Protein Complex to add volume and strength!