Stylemakers Series | Leyla Milani

We've brought in Leyla Milani, a former Deal or No Deal model, as well as the face and brains of her own brand, Leyla Milani, to share her favorite products that can be found in our stores!



BeautyBlender | Best Friend Set
Milani's favorite tool to apply her makeup in a flawless and streak-free manner is actually one of our most popular items- the Beauty Blender. We love this product just as much to help us avoid the cakey-makeup look!

DOSE of Colors | Soft Touch Lipstick
While Milani has quite an impressive collection of DOSE false eyelashes and lipsticks, her favorite lip color is 'Soft Touch', and judging by how the color looks on her- it truly lives up to it's name.

Neutrogena | Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
After a long day, it's important to remove all the makeup (no matter how tired you are!) off your face to avoid any skin problems, such as aging and wrinkles. Fun/scary fact: An experiment was conducted to see what sorts of problems could arise by not removing your makeup. The result: A woman's skin aged 10 years by not removing going to be with makeup on for a whole month.



Leyla Milani | Big Hair Don't Care
Who better to give advice on how to get big hair than from the woman known for her ultra-volumized hair herself?! She's even developed a product that works like magic to help those who desire big, sexy hair. 
"Just sprinkle this fine powder in your hair whenever you want fullness and move your hair by lifting- and viola!"

Body & Hair

California Baby Calendula |  Shampoo & Bodywash
Being a cautious mother herself, Milani recommends this all-natural west-coast brand that is perfect to use for children with sensitive, irritated, or dry skin. 

For more Leyla Milani, check out her products at Ricky's Website