How to Hold Perfect Curls

You spent half an hour in the morning prepping and curling your hair for your dinner date. You go through your usual day, arrive at the restaurant earlier than scheduled to check up on yourself in the bathroom, and realize your perfect curls have fallen into a lifeless, limp wave. Nothing you can do now but try to consolidate what's left, fix your makeup, and get ready to see your date.

Sound familiar? To avoid such a crisis again, follow these tips the next time you're looking for curls that'll hold all day long!

  1. Go easy on the conditioner. Overconditioned hair could go against the heat of the curling iron, making your curls fall straight and hair flat by the end of the day.
  2. Mousse. Lots of mousse. Run a handful or two of mousse from the roots to the end through damp or dry hair. The alcohol from the mousse will draw out the moisture from your hair, strengthening the hold of your call.

  3. Spray and protect! Before you go about sizzling your hair with your curling iron, protect your hair with a heat protectant spray such as Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Heat Protection Spray!

  4. More alcohol, more fun. Splitting your hair in 5 sections, spray your hair from tips to root with hairspray (Fudge Urban Iced Coconut Cocktail being one of our favorite hairsprays). The alcohol from the hairspray will extract even more moisture from your strands.

  5. Turn up the heat. The thicker your hair, the higher the heat. For those with thin hair 250 to 300 degrees is ideal. For thicker hair, 300 to 350. We recommend investing in a high quality curling wand, such as this one by Enzo Milano.

  6. Cool down. After releasing your curling iron, clip your curl for a minimum of five minutes-- 15 minutes being the ideal time. We recommend using our No-Crease hair clips to avoid denting your perfect curls!

  7. Finishing touches. Instead of the traditional hairspray method, use texturizing spray instead.

Because we at RICKY'S NYC can sympathize with you, we've dedicated a section right on our website to help you find the perfect products for the well being of your curls!